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6 Reasons to Visit Egypt in 2017

Still trying to make up your mind about whether you should visit Egypt?  Then maybe this list of upcoming events and things to do will help sway you in the right direction:

1. Get pumped for an all trance music extravaganza where Armin Van Buuren and DJ’s Aly and Fila will be playing live in front of the world famous Giza Pyramids this September.  A mesmerizing, unrivaled blend between our ancient and modern worlds; a once in a lifetime experience.

2. For every kind of movie buff out there, the inaugural edition of the El Gouna film festival will also be taking place this September and is expected to host moviemakers from around the globe to present a montage of visual ecstasy.

3. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a master, the Free Diving event in Dahab from the 24th to the 26th of October is not to be missed, with enough thrill and excitement that will make you question your own sanity.  Free Diving lessons and packages are also offered to beginners during this time for those who are itching for adventure.

4. Take a hot air balloon flight over the beautiful Luxor and river Nile and view the world from an unimaginable point of view, a view where horizons are filled with ancient architecture and unscathed natural beauty.

5. Learn what it feels like to be alive and try something new and exciting, like sandboarding.  Take an all day excursion and test your skills, resilience, and ability to not wind up head first in the side of a dune.  Your package may even include lunch, desert safaris, and quadbikes.

6. Cross something off your bucket list and come ride in Hurghada’s famous yellow submarine!  Explore the gloriousness of the Red Sea’s underwater ecosystem through the convenience of the submarines windows.  Marvel at the spectrum of colors that beams brightly below the water’s surface, from millennia-old coral reefs to hundreds of types of fish, all while expert divers accompany the submarine, and interact with you and the environment throughout your journey.