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A Eid Adventure

Eid is upon us which means mass exodus towards sandy beaches and crystal blue reefs. Albeit some have been planning their trips for months, it’s never too late to embark on your own Eid adventure. Here are our top picks for Eid in 2017.


For the thrill-inclined traveler looking for some water-based action, Dahab provides the perfect sunny getaway. In Dahab, you can enjoy a variety of activities including rock climbing, windsurfing, desert hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Combining budget-friendly accommodation alongside a laid-back hippie lifestyle, Dahab is the perfect blend between relaxation and excitement.

What to Pack: Forget your heels and loafers and pack those old summer clothes instead; this destination is all about bringing back the basics.

El Gouna

If keeping it basic is not your thing, then El Gouna is undoubtedly the place for you. Enjoy the same top-notch Egyptian sunshine from the comfort of 5-star resorts. Spas, private beaches, crater-sized pools, scrumptious cuisine, and a bustling nightlife are all there to provide you with the lavish holiday pampering you deserve. But don’t let this extravagance fool you, there are plenty of adrenaline-soaked exploits here to go around. El Gouna offers a range of water-sports including water skiing, kite surfing, sailing, diving, yachting, in addition to aquarium trips, desert safaris and mangrove promenades.

What to Pack: The question should actually be what shouldn’t you pack? With so much to offer, you’re probably going to need a little more luggage space if you truly want to experience El Gouna.

Hassle-Free Escapades

What if I told you could go on a trip to explore Egypt, snorkeling, hot-air-ballooning and everything in between, without planning any of it? For the lazy (or perhaps efficient) adventurer, a multitude of agencies across Egypt, such as Gazef and Destination31, offer you a unique, fully tailored action plan that even includes transportation and the chance to meet great people from around the world. Check their websites and Facebook pages for listings of upcoming Eid trips.

What to Pack: Don’t worry, they’ll even tell you what to bring.