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A Land of Achievement and Invention

Much of what modern day society has come to enjoy, and even take for granted, is built on the foundations of the remarkably advanced Ancient Egyptian civilization. It’s not always clear how they arrived at their discoveries, but this ancient race undoubtedly pursued knowledge with fervor and diligence, which greatly improved their standard of living.

Two iconic manuscripts transcribed on papyrus by the Egyptians gave humanity its first recorded recipe for “White and Perfect Teeth” and a guide on “How to Brush” your teeth. If that wasn’t enough, these manuscripts were accompanied by the invention of toothpaste. And when science failed and could not remedy the ailments of ‘bad breath’, the ancient Egyptians even went so far as to invent the first breath mints.

Beauty was, of course, a real concern in this ancient society and was often a symbol of status and power, much like it is today. This concern thus transcended into the creation of sophisticated ‘technology’ that doesn’t even exist today. You might be surprised to know that both men and women of Ancient Egypt wore cosmetic cons on their hair filled with aromatic perfume of myrrh. Therefore, when the sun got really hot, the con would melt on their head acting as a natural hair conditioner. If that’s not taking beauty to the next level, then I don’t know what is.

And If you’re still unimpressed, then perhaps while you sleep in the comfort and safety of your home, say a prayer of thanks to the Ancient Egyptians who invented the world’s first door locks.