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A Secluded Paradise

A hidden paradise of aqua-blue tranquility, Sidi Heneish is one of Egypt’s hidden gems.  This beach-front paradise located on the north coast is easily accessed via your chosen mode of transportation; a 2-hour drive from Cairo, a 30-minute drive from the Marsa Matrouh airport and a 20-minute drive from the Alamein airport.

A place where the sky and sea blend together, Sidi Heneish provides unrivaled secluded bliss filled with the finest sand and the clearest water.  A back-to-the-basics holiday destination, Sidi Heneish is where you need to go when you want to disconnect from all forms of reality, be it physical or digital.  Music, beach-side refreshments and some good old ‘funshine’.

In addition to the rest and relaxation, Sidi Heneish offers destinations that cater to those who are looking for a little more holiday pampering, including the Almaza Bay Resort.  These resorts come with the extra frills of indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, excellent restaurants, gym and fitness centers, and fully inclusive spa treatments.

And of course, one thing you absolutely cannot miss is the star-gazing experience in this gorgeous retreat.  A ‘midngiht picnic’ with snacks, a guitar, and some good company in Sidi Heneish is all you need to reconnect with your closest family and friends.

Regardless of where you stay, Sidi Heneish is the perfect blend between man and sea and is guaranteed rejuvenate the very core of your being.