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Camping in Ras Shetan

To the contrary of the known name, Ras Shetan (Devil’s Head), the real name of the place, that is a 6-hour drive from Cairo, was Ras El Shattain (Cape of the two beaches) as the area is separated to two beaches, due to the rock formations.

The many camps spread at the area offers you lots of choices, but the main attraction still is the wonderful waters of the Red Sea, with all its beauty, both underwater, and above. Camping at Ras Shetan is a chance to meet the virgin nature, mountain view, sky blue waters and astonishing diving scenery.

A shack on the mountain skirts, or a hut on the beach, is your bedroom, you can fit as many friends as you can, for very affordable rates.

Food is another attraction in Ras Shetan, the Bedouin cuisine along with your favorite specialties are at your request, to complement your experience.

Camps in Ras Shetan are a great get away; weather is great throughout the period, March to late October, just avoid mid-summer August heat, unless you can survive without air conditioners.

Don’t forget to bring bug spray, bug candles, some extra toilet paper, flash lights with extra batteries, sleeping bags or sheets and pillows, and any other of your favorite comforts and a whole lot of friends; this is what makes it a real vacation.

From diving to stargazing, beach walking to mountain hiking, joyous gatherings around night fires to tranquility reading and meditation, whether you are a wind talker or an Indiana Jones, Ras Shetan is capable of giving you its best to fulfill your travel desires.

Once again, unlike the devilish connotation of the name, Ras Shetan is where you will meet the angelic spirit of Sinai.