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At the end of the holy month of Ramadan are 3 days of festivities met with enthusiasm across the world, otherwise known as Eid al Fitr.

After a month of worship, giving, and sacrifice, this God-mandated celebration is anticipated by all walks of life.  The excitement is arguably intensified for children as Eid comes bearing gifts, similar in a way to Christmas.  The holiday commences with a communal prayer at daybreak, afterwhich people make their way towards their holiday destinations.   For some, this could mean travelling somewhere full of beach and sunshine, while for others, it means reconnecting with family and friends.  Family visits are key, with emphasis placed on special desserts and delicacies reserved for this joyous occasion, the most notable of which is Kahk, a date paste baked in a buttery-flour mixture and coated in powdered sugar.

With food and drinks now back on the table, go back out into the world and enjoy the city.  Offers and promotions across the horizon means there will be plenty of ways to reinvigorate yourself during the break.  Host your get-together in the city’s restaurants, café’s, sporting clubs, and public parks.  Change things up and go out for an afternoon picnic.  Bask in the glory of Eid Sales and get some shopping done at any number of Cairo’s mega-shopping complexes.  If you’ve got some time to spare, why not catch a movie while you’re at it.  Take advantage of the holiday, pamper yourself with a day-use retreat at spa’s and hotels with a massage and some poolside tanning.Throw in your favorite, shisha, drink, and book and you’ll probably never want to leave.  And as the entertainment industry goes back to ‘business as usual,’ look out for a pulsing nightlife scene as lounges and clubs open their doors for some music-filled, late-night fun.

Regardless of your preferences, Eid break in Cairo is guaranteed to help you blow off some steam.