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Fun under the Sun in Egypt’s Red Sea

The stunning Red Sea is a destination of wonderful merriment that vicariously caters to the mind, body, and spirit through crystal blue serendipity and awe-inspiring attractions. With so much to do, it’s best to grab the day by the horns.

One of the absolute best times to go snorkeling or diving is right after daybreak, when the winds are calm and the sea is motionless. Explore an unparalleled, underwater kingdom that contains one of the most gorgeous coral reefs in existence, with enough marine diversity to make you wish you had paid better attention in biology class. If that isn’t exciting enough, then perhaps you should partake in privately organized yacht trips out to secluded islands in the middle of the Red Sea, some of which additionally provide a day of music, beach, and delicious cuisine. And while your swimsuit is still wet, crank up the adrenaline with any number of the water-based sports activities; parasailing, wake boarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and jet skiing to name a few.

Once you’ve made it back, a quad bike desert safari is in order. This perfect union between man and nature will help satisfy your inner thrill-seeker as you explore the unscathed beauty of mother Earth’s dunes and canyons. And there’s no better time to relish in the hospitality of the desert’s Bedouins, so park up your quads and enjoy a traditional Bedouin barbecue in Egypt’s Sahara. Don’t forget your cup of tea, these Bedouins really know what they’re doing.

If you’re near Hurghada, slow down the pace, indulge your inner geek and take a shuttle bus excursion to escape to a time before time by exploring the ruins and monuments of an ancient civilization. Be it in Luxor or Aswan, listen closely because your tour guide is guaranteed to fascinate you with a history lesson you’ve never read in any book. Towering pillars, colossal statues and hand-crafted temples will help you connect with the intangible human narrative.

From El Gouna to Dahab to the apex of Sharm el Sheikh, this coastline is tailored for every kind of traveler.