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Mount Moses

Mount Moses is a 7,000-foot high mountain located in the Sinai Peninsula. The summit serves as a sacred junction for the three major theologies of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, for this is where many believe God revealed the ten commandments to Moses. At its foot lies the 1,500-year-old Saint Catherine’s Monastery cradled by the city of Saint Catherine’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s oldest working Christian monastery. Accommodation ranges from hotels with swimming pools to bedouin camps with heart-warming service. The main attraction is none other than the summit of Mount Moses. There are two ways to the top, the longer, easier route Siket El Bashait, and the steeper, more direct route Siket Sayidna Musa, literally translated as the “Path of Moses.” The latter is suited for the more capable hiker as it scales the mountain up the 3,750 "steps of penitence.”  Start in time to make it to the peak before sunset and marvel at the place where God spoke. Set up camp for the night and enjoy the unencumbered view of the star-lit universe. Don’t sleep for too long because the sunrise is an awe-inspiring spiritual experience; a glimmering sun on the slopes of an endless mountain range. Just make sure you’re packed to beat the morning heat on the way down. There’s plenty more to see, so find a Bedouin guide, take camel trips, and learn about the incredible history that lies at your fingertips; absorb the amalgam of culture and civilization.