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Nightlife in the Red Sea

The red sea offers the ultimate seaside nightlife destination. Summer jams and cinnamon tans are best served with a healthy dose of music that’ll keep you up and dancing until dawn.

  • Hurghada is notorious for its non-stop party scene that include large event venues and the coziest of pubs. If you must pick a destination, then make sure you visit the Ministry of Sound. This popular club is an open air, 1500-person capacity venue with stunning podium dancers, fantastic DJ’s and a great sound and light system. Dozens of world-class restaurants, cafés and pubs are scattered throughout Hurghada if you’re after a more laid back evening, including the Hard Rock Café, Bordiehn’s Villa Kunterbunt, and the Caribbean Bar.
  • El Gouna has a multitude of different locales to explore after dark. The two main nightlife hubs are Kafr el Gouna, (or Downtown), and Abu Tig Marina. Both offer an endless choice of outlets, including trendy pubs, open air discos, karaoke cafés, beach bars, and a beautiful oasis in the outskirts where you can enjoy a typical Bedouin evening. Places that are at the heart of the local social scene, the Club House, Mangroovy Beach, the Marina promenade and Studio 52, to name just a few, often organize live concerts, exhibitions, events, BBQ beach parties and much more.
  • Sharm El Sheikh needs no introduction. This electric mega-party-hub has enough choices to make your head spin. From world famous DJ lineups and dance floors that change colors at The Pangaea Night Club to an offshoot of the famous Buddha Bar in Paris, known as Little Buddha, with world class chefs that produce artistic culinary masterpieces, Sharm has plenty of excitement. This also includes the only Ice Bar in the Middle East, an open air club carved into the side of a mountain, and enormous dance venues where you and the music can become one.