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Red Sea Hotspots

02__PL0030 07_LODI005 16__LOPL0022 17__LOPL0023 20__VI0044 22__VI0047 25__VI0050 26__di0163 27_lodi061 32__VI0097 37__HE0063 Some of the best seaside locations are found in eastern Egypt and southern Sinai. Sunshine hardly ever ceases on the Egyptian Red Sea, making diving or snorkeling a year-round activity there, even during winter. Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada provide exquisite indulgence and plenty of activities. 01_Al Gona 217_Ras Abu Galum19_Ras abu galum 2 El Gouna is also filled to the brim with luxury hotels and breathtaking mountains. The fishing village Dahab is unmatched in its friendliness and clear waters. Lastly, no trip is complete without visiting Marsa Alam, a wonderful spot to unwind. 00__LOGO000903_LODI00816__HE005909__HE004405__DI011610__HE004713__HE005517_LODI02302_LODI01004__DI014709__ME0061