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Seafood in Alexandria

Much like getting bread from your baker or medicine from your doctor, it’s an unspoken rule of the universe that if you want seafood, Alexandria is where you need to be. An endless coastline and beautiful marinas created the perfect conditions to birth some of the best seafood restaurants in the region, with a view that’s akin to a Hollywood cut scene and enough variety to keep your taste buds tingling.

Stop by any one of Egypt’s renowned seafood franchises for a taste of local seafood cuisine, including Balbaa, Samakmak, and Kadoura. Balbaa in particular is one of the most famous restaurants in Egypt, so much so that this 2-story restaurant is open 24-hours a day with the potential to seat hundreds of diners. Your meal will commence with a dozen salads that are customary with every Egyptian seafood meal; Tehina, baba ghanough, hummus, eggplant, pickles and a steaming basket of bread. Make sure you leave room for the main course. Purchased by the kilo, pick your choice of grilled, fried or baked fish with the garnish of your liking and a side of clams, oysters, calamari, crab, lobster or shrimp to complete this kingly, culinary experience.

Alexandria also caters to those looking for a better view and a finer dining experience with romantic undertones. The Greek Club Restaurant over-looking the marina is a rare blend between perfect cuisine and location, and the San Giovanni Restaurant in the San Giovanni hotel has an equally stunning scenic view of the sea and the Stanly bridge. These restaurants serve scrumptious seafood platters with a Greek and Euro-Mediterranean twist, respectively. The menus consist of everything you expect to see from an international establishment; soups, shrimp cocktails, buttery-lemon glazed or cream-covered platters, assortments of seafood pastas, and so much more.

With Egyptians travelling across the country for the sake of these mouth-watering, seafood masterpieces, you absolutely must take advantage of this city’s remarkable dining experience when you visit and make it a point to indulge yourself; no one makes seafood like Alexandria.