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The Mediterranean Nightlife

With summer finally here, get ready to unleash that inner party-monger as Egypt’s nightlife revs up to full throttle. From seaside chillaxation to late-night electronic raves, it’s hard not to have a good time in the summer of 2017.


If you’re looking for a fun, slightly laid-back experience, then the beautiful city of Alexandria is the place to be. For entertainment that never stops, the San Giovanni Night Club features live music, famous local singers, oriental dancers, world famous show stars, and a wonderful view of Stanley Beach as you mingle and enjoy your refreshments. If loud music is not your thing, then the establishment “Spitfire” should do the trick. Just north of Sharia Saad Zaghloul, Spitfire is a dimly lit but friendly place. Rock-and-roll memorabilia and photos of regulars are plastered all over the walls and it’s a great place for a fun evening out with a mixed clientele of locals, foreign residents and passers-through.

North Coast

What’s summer in Egypt without the North Coast (Sahel). The king of nocturnal antics, the North Coast boasts everything from relaxation to daily parties that don’t stop until daybreak. “6ix Degrees” features an amazing lineup of DJs, international showstoppers, and all-night dancing bliss, while “Tabla” puts the middle-eastern spin on the nightlife scene with an oriental-modern twist and belly dancers as far as the eye can see. Or perhaps chill poolside in “The Tap North”, play some volleyball, and enjoy a stream of endless live entertainment. If you don’t want to be limited to just the pool, make “Ciel” your destination as it offers a beach, a pool, amazing food, and nonstop partying. Visit “Aura Arena” if you’ve ever wanted to bust a move under the visibly star-lit sky in an open air lounge. And finally, one of this years most anticipated destinations is “White Coast”, a Santorini-themed poolside retreat that features awesome oldies, funk, electronic and hip-hop dance nights.