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Top 10 Beaches

Geographic convenience, ample sunshine and silken beds of sand have made Egypt home to many of the world’s most stunningly remarkable beaches. Whether you’re looking for beachside Instagram selfies or adrenaline-packed delight, these destinations cater to all travelers. Here are the top 10 beaches the gorgeous red sea has to offer:

  1. Sharm el Luli

Crystal blue water brimming with all kinds of marine life in an incredible underwater ecosystem

  1. Ras Um Sid

Home to one of the finest and most affordable resorts in the world with an endless list of activities.

  1. Shark’s Bay Beach

All the ease of mind you are looking for in a holiday with plenty of beach fun, pampering, lounges, and restaurants.

  1. Marsa Mubarak

A diving hotspot where you can take a boat out into the reefs and swim amongst dugongs, or “sea cows,” and human sized turtles

  1. El Fanar

A private beach with 2 great coral reefs makes for an excellent snorkeling adventure complete with delicious food and serene beach relaxation.

  1. Sharm el Naga

A great place to escape from civilization and the bustle of the streets to get a tan and snorkel in one of the most spectacular reefs Hurghada has to offer.

  1. Terrazina Beach

Live music, mesmerizing dancers, scrumptious food and a beautiful coastline await you in this beach-goer’s paradise.

  1. Marsa Shoona Bay

A jungle of marine wildlife offers divers a look into a fantastic universe that ranges from clown fish to fully-grown octopi.

  1. Gebel el Rosas

Surreal marine sanctuaries that provide the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins and see some rare salt-water creatures.

  1. Soma Bay

A luxurious resort destination that is only accessible via a private 7 kilometer road with a single entry gate, offering complete seclusion from the outside world.