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Top 8 beach destinations

Sunken City in Sahl Hasheeh

A breathtaking bay on the Red Sea with stunning scenery, an integrated night life, and snorkeling adventures in an underwater temple makes this one hell of a vacation.

El Mahmeya in Hurghada

Embark on your private boat through crystal blue waters to a secluded island, El Mahmeya, or the “Egyptian Caribbean”. Restaurants, music, and sun-baked fun await the eager traveler.

Sharm El Naga Bay

This holiday-maker’s delight boasts maintained marine ecosystems, with some of the best Red Sea dive spots just walking distance from the shore, in addition to scrumptious cuisine and skin-bronzing relaxation.

Wadi Qulaan in Marsa Alam

This natural reserve provides an escape from the touristic masses. Serene beaches unfurl in the embrace of beautiful mountains that you can hike through to see some rare Egyptian wildlife.

Agiba Beach in Marsa Matrouh

Cradled in a yellow stone valley on the Mediterranean, Agiba beach offers a day of sun-filled bliss in a soul soothing shade of turquoise you’ve never seen before.

Island of the Pharoah in Taba

This geographically strategic location provides your typical beach fun, as well as the chance to visit a 1,000-year-old fortress on its own island, with views of Saudi Arabia and Jordan on the horizon.

Ras Shitan in Nuweibaa

Pure, unperturbed holiday ecstasy. Relax on the beach, swim to nearby islands, discover gorgeous underwater ravines pulsing with rainbow-colored creatures, and spend your nights in bungalows under an extraordinarily luminous sky, with all the comforts of on-demand catering.

Abu Galoum in Dahab

With 400 sq km containing over 200 species of various fish and plants, it would take days to completely experience this slice of paradise. The agenda includes exploration of awe-inspiring nature on land and sea, plenty of sunshine and exciting activities that include camel riding and four-wheel-drive safaris.