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Treats and Sweets

Like culinary vampires in search of sustenance, people require a dose of deliciousness after sunset in the month of Ramadan after their day-long fasts. Tradition has guaranteed the timelessness of several oriental desserts and drinks that have become a must-have during this wonderful month.


Kunafa: A beastly concoction of shredded wheat filled with cream or cheese baked to a perfect crisp and topped with sugary syrup, nuts, and raisins.

Atayef: Made famous in Egypt, these Arabic “pancakes” are filled with either cheese or nuts and deep-fried and coated in a similar syrup as Kunafa.

Zalabya: Sweet, deep-fried dumplings made from butter, sugar, milk and flour that are either sprinkled with powdered sugar or glazed with a syrupy nectar.

Basbousa: Made from the same wheat used in pasta, this cake is soaked to perfection in a bed of syrup and covered in nuts and a cloud of cream if desired.

Umm Ali: Literally translated as “Ali’s mother” and arguably Egypt’s most famous dessert, this is a double-cream nut-filled pastry blend topped with raisins, powdered sugar and coconut flakes.

Baklava: A crispy, multi-layer phyllo pastry filled with chopped nuts and lathered in the sweetest of syrups. Roz Bel Laban: Essentially a sweetened rice pudding garnished with nuts and cinnamon and perhaps topped with a scoop of ice cream for the serious sweet tooth.


Amarildine: Sliced sheets of apricot or a dried apricot paste are soaked for hours in water to make the smoothest fruit beverage

Karkadeh: A sweet infusion made from the hibiscus flower that can be served either hot or cold.

Doum: A brew made from the fruit of the “gingerbread tree” and plenty of sugar.

Kharroub: A delicious juice originating from carob trees that also hold substantial benefits, including fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Erk Soos: Liquorice extracts mixed with water and a tinge of sugar is said to help fight that daytime dehydration

Tamr Hindi: is a chilled drink made from Tamarind that’s neither bitter or sweet and hits that thirst-quenching spot Sobia: Lightly fermented bread, barely spices, cinnamon and sugar produce an incredibly satisfying drink that is like no other.