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Snorkelling in Dahab

Snorkelling options are varied and wide in Dahab, it is a Red Sea destination where almost any first-timer will feel tempted to start snorkelling and why not, even diving. But for the more experienced snorkelers, one site beats them all: the legendary Blue Hole. Its depth gives you the chills: 110 meters, dropping down directly a mere few steps from the shore. But the surrounding reefs that might scare off novices provide you with the most unbelievable snorkelling sights such as the amazing underwater wall gardens and the astounding variety of underwater Red Sea fauna. To get to the Blue Hole from Dahab, you would have to walk for a couple of hours. It is thus far more convenient to take a bike, jeep, or camel. The trip can be arranged from any hotel in Dahab. Expect to spend a whole day on site