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Hollywood on the Nile at the closing of the CIFF 39th round

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Tuesday, 21 11 2017

12:00 AM - 30 Nov 12:00 AM


In a night to remember, the Cairo International Film Festival 39th Round was wrapped up by a celebration of the art of cinema.

The finale was bright and glamorous as Hollywood superstars and Oscar winners Nicholas Cage, Hilary Swank and Adrien Brody celebrated the CIFF along with their Egyptian fellow movie stars.

Oscar winner superstar Nicolas Cage was keen to address the attendees amid roaring applause, as he said, “I’m so happy to be back in Cairo, in magical Egypt, I’m so grateful to be invited again to stand solidarity with you as we celebrate world cinema” and added, “I’m going to choose to be happy with all of you, I’m going to smile.” Cage stressed he is here in Cairo because he does not want anybody “to scare him.”

Brody began his speech in Arabic, “El salam alaikom,” and expressed his enthusiasm over his trip to Egypt and showed deep sorrow for the Egyptian martyrs who lost their lives in the war against terrorism. 

Swank said she was very proud to receive the award from such a wonderful festival and explained that she had finally achieved a lifelong dream of visiting Egypt.

At the end of the night, Italian Director Leonardo Di Costanzo walked away with the Golden Pyramid for his movie, The Intruder.