10+ Adrenaline rush aficionado prescription activities

If you have a brave heart, with vein longing for adrenalin pumping activities, here are 10-plus recipes for the DIY adventure potion.

While in Egypt, you can find dozens of items to put on your to-do list, and when it comes to extreme experiences, some are airborne, some are amphibious, and some are literally, down to earth.

If we start from the ground up, you might try hiking or biking. Almost all Red Sea destinations will offer you short safari trips, where you can enjoy desert bike rides.But if you go further north-east in Sinai, you can as well take hiking trips to visit some of the world’s most astonishing geological creations, in the form of canyons.

Abu Hamada Canyon, also known as the Colored Canyon, is a very well kept marvel.

Along with other doings of nature, such as the White Canyon, Arada Canyon, Kharaza interconnected lagoons and their short yet pretty granite canyon, are places where can experience the splendor of the Egyptian Deserts.

You might even go further in the Sinai high mountains, to Wadi Sagar , the short canyon that literally cuts through a granite mountain range.

You don’t have to go to Siwa to enjoy surfing on sandy dunes, only a few kilometers from central Cairo, El-Qataneyah Dunes is the place to enjoy sand-boarding.

For Safari lovers, a two-week long journey from Cairo to the Siwa Oasis and back, is a great option, during which you can view the wonders of the White Desert and gain rare first-hand glimpses at ancient cave art, dating as back as a dozen millennia BC.

Cliff climbing is another earthy option before you try getting wet, on a snorkeling break, as you prepare for jumping into deep diving suites for a wreck examination at the Blue Hole of Dahab and its various explorableshipwrecks off the Red Sea.