All that divers ever crave

Added on Feb 20, 2018

No matter what desire you have in diving, Egypt is the place to be. For only in Egypt, you can be in 12 of the world’s top diving spots.

Let’s start with your own passion, for divers also have different tastes and appetites; some would be into marine life and nature, some into ship wrecks and deep treasures, others for submerged monuments and archeological finds, some for high adrenaline shark face-to-face encounters, and some for colorful nemos and dolphins.
If you were a nature lover and would love to meet nature at its best underwater, you can find your target in Dahab’s Blue Hole, with its 130 meter deep dive arch. The site is famous for its high difficulty, earning it the nickname of the “world’s most dangerous dive site”, it takes only the highly trained to try it. However, divers who remain within their training and boundaries are in no danger.
For those who have a passion for treasure movies, the SS Thistlegorm Wreck, in Sha’ab Ali, is one of your top choices. The British freighter that was sunk in 1941 had become one the world’s most popular wreck sites as it allows divers to swim amongst the vehicles it once carried to the World War II, North African campaign.
For nature lovers who appreciate the diversity of colors and shapes of marine life, Jackson Reef, near Tiran Island is where you would visit. The reef is one of the four coral reefs that run along the Straits of Tiran. The site is filled with brightly colored coral gardens that grow in good health, attracting a variety of fish like manta rays, white tip, grey reef, as well as guitar and hammerhead sharks.
A playful heart who dreams of his new dolphin friends, Samadai Reef is your spot. Dolphin House, near El-Gouna has recorded up to 200 dolphins co-existing in freedom. Divers show high respect to the mammals, sheltered from currents and predators to rest after hunting.
Finally, for archeology hobbyists, Alexandria has a lot of ancient history under the water. It is the most popular destination for history-loving scuba divers; with over 7000 Pharaonic, Greek and Roman artifacts and wrecks from Napoleonic battles, WWI and WWII, this Egyptian city offers some of the most interesting and unique dive sites in the North Africa.