Got a tent, we have the view

Added on Feb 19, 2018

Egypt hosts a multitude of camping sites that feature unique outdoor experiences and reconnect you with nature. Here are our favorite list of spots all over the country for the brightest stars, the calmest tranquility and the prettiest views.

Upon arrival to Shali village in Siwa, lots of camps are recommended to visitors who have made the trek to the gorgeous oasis. The tents allow for them to sleep underneath the stars at night and explore the small desert village during the day. Shower facilities are nearby, however, the biggest highlight is the hot spring in which you can soak and relax. The panorama in Siwa is unlike any others and enchants everyone with a mix of nature, charm and scenery.
Fayoum oasis is very close to Cairo, the natural reserve is perfect for a weekend camping trip to escape the big city. Its waterfalls, lakes and sand dunes offer excellent camping activities.
Ras Abu Galum is a protectorate near the paradise of Dahab. Sleeping under the stars in the calmness of the Sinai desert is unrivaled for its serenity.
Ras Shaitan is famous for its camping villages that let you relax in a beach hut all day long. For those who are looking to be doing absolutely nothing but stare at the open sea all day, Ras Shaitan is the right address. The beach huts are facing the shore, allowing for visitors to sleep, eat and relax mere steps from the water. Other huts are facing the mountains, boosting panoramic views all day long.
If you are in Cairo, don’t have time to make long drives, Wadi Degla protectorate is just outside the Maadi neighborhood in the south of Cairo, the protectorate is a perfect piece of desert inside the city. Its trails and canyons make it perfect for hiking, biking and camping.