Kitesurfing perfection at Ras Sudr

Located opposite the Ain Sokhna shore across the red sea lies a slice of unadulterated bliss, otherwise known as Ras Sudr. Spacious, Caribbean-style, beachfront bungalows nestled along a stretch of turquoise sea is where you can choose to unplug every night, but there are a few resorts in the area for those who desire an additional layer of comfort. With only a few steps from the restful ambience of your bedroom to the warm sands and pristine waters, you are certain to always start the day off right.

Besides the accommodation, the beautiful stretch of virgin beach is famous for its perfect year-round open sea conditions, making it one of the best wind and kitesurfing destinations planet Earth has to offer. From beginners to experts, there is something here for every kind of adrenaline-junkie. Highly certified IKO instructors are available to guide you through this action-packed sport, guaranteed to help you master your own set of tricks. And have we mentioned there are dolphins? If shredding the Red Sea at over 50 kilometers per hour and aerial acrobatics as you soar across the horizon is not convincing enough, then perhaps commanding your ‘wind-chariot’ through Ras Sudr’s lagoons alongside a school of dolphins should compel you to pack your bags.

When you head back to the shore, mouth-watering Egyptian cuisine will be served on the beach against the perfect backdrop of the swaying palm trees and the panoramic sea view. Unwind, relax and enjoy the sunshine. And after night falls, grab a delicious beverage and join your fellow campers under the starry skies for the coziest of evenings.

Few places in the world offer what the hidden gem Ras Sudr has to offer; learn something new, get your heart pumping, meet new people, reconnect with nature and disconnect from hustle and bustle of everyday life.