Qeit-bey Citadel … A blend of civilization and history

Added on Jul 26, 2018

Alexandria, one of the most magnificent coastal cities of Egypt, embraces a variety of ancient monuments eternalized by history. Among these is the Qeit-bey Citadel, which is considered one of the most important defensive forts not only in Egypt but along the Mediterranean coast.  

The Citadel was established at the end of the 15th century, on the location of the Alexandria lighthouse, one of the old world wonders. It was built during the reign of King Al-Ashraf Abu An-Nasr Saif Ad-Din Qeit-bey Al-Zaherri, the fifteenth of the Bahari Memlouk kings of Egypt.

Throughout his reign, Qeit-bey was a veteran sultan in the battlefields and a man of much acumen, wisdom and valor.

The story of the Citadel started when the king headed to Alexandria with a number of princes and royal associates. Upon reaching the city, he was received by the people who stood in rows along the decorated streets in a sign of a heartily welcome. In a majestic parade, the king proceeded with the princes.

Qeit-bey rejected this tradition and stayed for three days in which he paid a visit to the lighthouse and promptly passed his orders that a tower is to be built on it. Accordingly, the citadel was built to eternalize his name till today.

The Citadel is located at the Eastern port of the Alexandria harbour of the Farous Island.

The Citadel extends over 17550 square meters and occupies a strategic location, surrounded by the sea from three sides. It is an independent building in the shape of a square, 60 meters in length and 50 meters in width. Its walls are 4.5 meter thick.  It has two big walls built with huge stones to surround the Citadel from inside and outside for more fortification.