Teatro Alexandria - A Hub of Inspiration

Added on Oct 16, 2017

Teatro Eskendria is the heart of art and culture in Alexandria. It’s where old meets new, classic meets modern, and art meets community. Situated in a rustic Italian architecture style building dating back to 1923 in downtown Alexandria, Teatro is a cultural center, restaurant, and art space all blended into one hotspot.

The establishment was originally developed by the renowned writer and theater director, Mahmoud Aboudoma, alongside the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt and the Culture Resource. Today, Teatro is owned and managed by a group of artists who seek to inspire and nurture up-and-coming talent. It also encourages its visitors to celebrate art and culture whilst dining with fellow members of the community.

Teatro isn’t just a destination for locals, in fact, the center caters to both the Egyptian and international community by offering a range of services including theater performances, music performances, film screenings, and networking events. If you’re in the area, you might be able to support local talent through Teatro’s regularly hosted mic nights and jam sessions. Come earlier or stay later and enjoy the cultural café and restaurant serving mouth-watering Egyptian gourmet food.

If you live in the area and have a bit more time on the weekends, take advantage of Teatro’s art training and rehearsing and recording studios. Afterwards, stop by the exhibition space and gallery to appreciate and purchase the latest in Egyptian handicrafts. Don’t worry about trying to find a baby sitter because Teatro also has children’s programs that will keep the little tykes occupied while you embark upon your own artistic discovery.

Teatro’s modern day venue combined with Egyptian design and art unveils the very essence of Egyptian culture.