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Inner Peace Day

Event Details

Thursday, 16 03 2017

12:00 AM

Al-Azhar Park

Organized in Egypt for its 9th consecutive year since 2008 under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and the General Authority for Tourism Development, Inner Peace Day was contrived more than 17 years ago in a book whose sole purpose was to spread a message of peace across the globe. This book is now distributed in every corner of the globe and featured on Amazon, the most famous online ‘bookstore’ in the world.

The man behind the idea of a day dedicated to meditation is Bill Douglas. The American, who still globally organizes the day on an annual basis, has constantly voiced his belief in Egypt’s importance and the significance of its participation, so much so that he has asked the international trainer Mohamed Eisa to translate the words “One World…One Breath” into Arabic and have it stitched into the official uniform.

The celebration of this day began in 1999 as thousands of participants gathered for one hour in each of their countries to mediate and practice various exercises, such as Yoga, to facilitate inner peace. Meditation is the process of continuously focusing your consciousness on positive thoughts that can either be related to faith or on mental images of something that is of great value to the meditator.

This is a day open to people of all ages and from all walks of life. More than 2,000 Egyptians and foreigners are expected to partake in this year’s event.

Free to all, this day begins from New Zealand in the far east and ends on the islands of Hawaii in the far west, with over 70 nations in between that are scheduled to take part in this beautiful gathering.

Egypt has been an annual organizer of this day for the past 9 years in the city of Cairo, which has spread to the governorates of Port Said and Assiut in the last few years.

Additionally, Egypt has inspired numerous Arab nations, sparking their participation in this international event. This includes Tunis, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and the list only continues to grow.