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It Has Something Beautiful

The awarding ceremony of the Competition - A Photo of Egypt- , (It has something beautiful) will be held on Monday,11th of September.

The competition was organized by the Egyptian Creation Center for Training & Modernization, sponsored by Nikon International and under the auspices of;

Ministry of Sports & Youth, the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Development and the General Authority of cultural Palaces as well as Menirva Tours Co.

The special jury of the competition convened on Thursday the 7th of September 2017 with the attendance of: Mr. Hossam Diab, Mr. Mostafa El Shershaby, Mr. Galal Al Mesry, Mr. Mohamed Ismaeel, Mrs. Shaimaa Al Sebaee, Mr. Tamer Youssef, and Mr. Ashraf Sobhy representing Nikon.

According to the pre- conditions put by the Egyptian Creation Center, 354 competitors were chosen out of 628 to share with 1364 photos.

This year's awards of the competition were decided as follows;

Three first prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd), The Awards of the Egyptian Creation Center (creativity) for three competitors, the Jury special prize, Mr. Mostafa El Shershaby prize, and Menirva Tours prizes for five competitors.

The Awarding Ceremony will also witness honoring a number of Egyptian Icons who represented Egypt as (having something beautiful) as:

Veteran Director Ali Badrakhan, DoP Ramses Marzouk, Media Figure Tamer Amin, Musician & Composer Amr Mostafa, Poet Tamer Hussein , Businessman Mohamed Manzour and others.

Before the ceremony, an exhibition will be held showing a number of photos chosen by the Egyptian Creation Center to express the real concept of the competition (a Photo of Egypt 2017).

The photos were accurately selected to represent charming say without a word Egypt in every aspect and by all means, (has something beautiful) or (fiha haga helwa) .