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Germany lifts last restriction on direct flights to Sharm El-Sheikh: Egypt's foreign ministry


Egypt’s foreign ministry announced on Tuesday it has successfully convinced Berlin to lift restrictions on flights from Germany to Sharm El-Sheikh resort; a decision that would push more flights to South Sinai's largest city. According to an official statement by the ministry, the German transportation ministry removed a restriction on German airlines. The decision means that all air companies would be able to fly directly to Sharm El-Sheikh and St. Catherine international airports, without paying “additional insurance fees.” The ministry pointed out that around 125 flights arrived from Germany in 2016 to different tourist areas in Egypt, especially Red Sea resorts. The flight ban was lifted in May 2016, and in November 2016, Sharm El-Sheikh’s airport received the a German air flight carrying 144 tourists, putting an end to the one-year travel ban.   Source: Ahram Online